Wireless Broadband

  1. Do not place the wireless modem or device supplied by our company on or near the following:
    • Metal file cabinets or other metal objects
    • Microwave ovens
    • Cordless phones
    • Television sets
    • Computer monitors or on Computer Stations
  2. Computer must have an Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) installed
  3. NIC must be set to obtain an IP automatically
  4. NIC must be set to obtain DNS automatically
  5. If using a dialup connection prior to a wireless connection, make sure the dialup is set to the option labeled “Never dial a connection”. This will prevent the modem from automatically dialing while establishing a wireless connection.
  6. Before turning on the wireless modem:
    • Turn antenna on the front of the wireless modem clockwise to the “Up” position
    • Plug Ethernet cable from the NIC to the wireless port on back of the modem
    • Follow instruction #1 while setting up the modem
  7. To power on the wireless modem:
    • Plug power cord into the wall and the modem
    • Turn on power switch at the back of the wireless modem
  8. Understanding the lights on the wireless modem:
    • There are 3 lights on the front of the modem
    • The Top Light is the signal for connectivity
      1. A solid light, whether it’s red, yellow, or green, means you have a connection.
      2. When the connectivity light is blinking it means you do not have a connection.
    • The Middle Light is the battery power light
      1. Currently there is no available battery power for wireless modems, but in the future the light will be green or yellow, with yellow indicating low battery power.
    • The Bottom Light is the power light, which will illuminate green while the power is on
  9. Open your web browser and begin surfing!