Fraud & Phishing Emails

Please be aware that phishing and scams over email are on the rise for all email providers. Phishing scams are designed to get personal information or logins, so you must be extra vigilant to protect your login info and personal information.

Access US will never ask you to provide login or personal information over email, so if you are ever asked to provide this type of information, please discard the email in your trash and do not reply to the email in any way. You may also contact our Tech Support team if you are unsure.

Top technical questions regarding fraud & phishing emails

1) What is this email I received that says my email account will be closed if I don’t send my email account password?

This email is in fact a phishing email, designed specifically to get your email address and password. They will then use that information to hijack your email account and send spam email from it. Please do not respond to the email, and delete it from your inbox.

2) How can I tell if it is a fraudulent email?

The easiest way to tell if an email is a fraud is to look at the headers of the emails to see what email address they are actually coming from. Most of the time it is a Yahoo or Hotmail account that is made to look like an Access US account.

We have that information already on file, so if someone asks you for your password in an email, it is a fraud.

3) What is Access US doing about the emails?

Access US is working hard to stop these emails, and we will continue until we can get them to stop.
If you have immediate concerns, call Access US Technical Support 314-655-7700

4) What should I do if I replied to the email with the information it requested?

Please call Access US Technical Support immediately to have your password reset. 314-655-7700

5) Do I need to send Access US a copy of the email I received?

No, We do not need a copy of the email you received. We have copies on file, and should have all of the info we need to continue working on the issue. For all other spam, please forward to