Domain Names

A domain name is a unique address for an Internet resource. It defines the address, commonly called a URL, that consumers use to find a web site.

Access US can help you choose and register the right domain name (web addresses) for your business or website idea, and we have experienced web designers who can design you a professional SEO-ready website. We can take care of the domain name registration and make any needed updates or repairs to your current website.

Know what domain you want?
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Why should I have a domain name?

A memorable domain name can help you launch a new service, while a business domain name is an important branding asset. A relevant domain name helps improve your Web site ranking in search engines, a vital component for web site traffic building.

Finally, having your own domain name provides you with the opportunity to create a unique, permanent address for yourself, via e-mail or web.

Each domain name uniquely points to an Internet address; however, more than one domain name can point to the same address. Protect your intellectual property and reserve all your trademarks – they can still point to the same web site.


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