T1 Line Services

How fast do you want to go? In today’s business world, there is a need for speed and demand for reliability. Access US business T1 Line Services will connect you as quickly as your demands require. From home offices to the most complex corporate requirements, Access US delivers the Internet solutions you need.

Connectivity highlights include:
* Maximum uptime.
* Network powered by Cisco routers, hubs, switches, and remote servers.
* Redundant Internet connections through multiple backbone providers, including Savvis & AT&T.
* Telco quality data center and co-location environment.

As your business grows, so will your needs. Access US offers you the flexibility to grow and change. Choose the connection that best suits your needs now, and upgrade later without penalty as part of our technology upgrade clauses in our connectivity contracts.

Dedicated ISDN
Dedicated 64K ISDN provides perfect support for home businesses, telecommuters and small offices. Dedicated 128K ISDN supplies more speed for larger offices or those with higher volume demands. Both combine a full range of services while remaining cost-efficient.
* Provide full-time, reliable access.
* Offer speedy web browsing capabilities.
* Enable establishment of company e-mail server.
* Ensure superior performance for critical business-to-business access and e-commerce.
* Provide optional security measures for on-line business transactions.
* Increase market efforts exponentially.
* Serve clients with timely information.
* Improve customer service and reduce administrative costs.

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Dedicated frame relay, T-1, T-3’s, and above

Our network allows us to handle any need locally or globally. Full T-1’s at 1.544 Mbps allow your company to receive and respond to immense volumes of information at incredible speed. Frame Relay, a non-mileage sensitive product, offers a cost-reduced option. We will also offer advice and consulting on hardware and software options. The Access US solutions are fully scalable to increase and decrease services, as you so require.

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How T-1 and frame-relay services can serve you

* Technology teams with competitive pricing for value-added service.
* Large enough to accommodate entire corporations, even other ISP’s.
* Fractional options at 256 kbps through full T-1, perfect solution for growing businesses.
* Burstable options at 256 kbps through T-1, ideal for variable traffic demands.
* Access to the Internet via multiple, redundant Internet connections.
* Added efficiency through test marketing capabilities, telecommuting, improved customer service.
* Emergency back-up solutions.