Referral Partners

Now you can partner with Access US to offer your clients a broader palette of Internet Solutions. From a dial-up account to a major Web development project, Access US offers you the opportunity to collect generous sales commissions while providing the highest quality Internet services to your clients.

Start referring qualified leads to Access US and reap the rewards of partnering with us!

If you have any questions please or contact us at:, or call 314-655-7700 or 800-638-6373 (8:00AM to 5:00PM) for more information.

Becoming an Access US referral partner

Access US offers three levels of Referral Partners, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver Partner
The Silver Partner level is for individuals or businesses that are interested in providing unlimited, reliable dialup Internet access to clients. As a Silver Referral Partner you receive basic marketing support in the form of sign-up displays and CD-ROMs, which give potential users access to our automated sign-up process.
Gold Partner
Gold Partners can act as Referral agents for dial-up service and DSL high-speed Internet services. DSL is not available in all areas so Gold Partnerships are limited.
Platinum Partner
The Access US Platinum Partnership level is for Information technology companies that understand complex networking and connectivity needs (network integrators, hardware distributors, ASPs, etc.). Platinum Partners have access to all of the products and services offered by Access US.