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“Far too many rural Americans continue to be left without Internet access, despite claims of great progress in closing the digital divide. The broadband penetration rate in urban and suburban households is almost double the rate in rural areas. This is a significant concern for rural America as reflected in a recent release by the House Congressional Rural Caucus, stating that access to advanced broadband is one of its priorities for 2006.

Rural communities are being left behind as broadband access has become a basic necessity for economic development, small business growth, and education. Large numbers of rural communities face businesses fleeing in search of areas with improved infrastructures. Businesses that stay struggle to compete on a national level. The towns face job losses and deteriorating civic vitality.” – Source: Community Internet

Access US, the same company that initially brought local dial-up internet access to much of rural Illinois, is working with the Rural Utility Service to bring high speed broadband to many rural areas of Illinois and Missouri.

Through our sister company, Midwest Broadband, we are working hard to bring high speed wireless rural broadband to the following communities.

Benton, IL
Canton, IL
Carmi, IL
Centralia, IL
Flora, IL
Harrisburg, IL
Herrin, IL
Lawrenceville, IL
Marion, IL
Mattoon, IL
Monmouth, IL
Mt. Carmel, IL
Olney, IL
LaSalle, IL
Peru, IL
Sycamore, IL
Taylorville, IL
Caruthersville, MO
Jackson, MO

If you have an interest in having high speed wireless internet in your community (whether your community is on the list or not!), please contact Rob Summers at

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